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Tomo 325, 2015
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Tomo 321, 2014

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Tomo 320, 2014

Since 1972, IFEA has published the Bulletin de l'Institut Français d’Etudes Andines with, actually, more than 850 articles. Since 1994, the Bulletin is published three times per year, and one of them is dedicated to a specific theme. Title index
Author index
Since 1948, IFEA has published more than 260 volumes in the collection Travaux de l'IFEA. These books are almost always co-published with institutions, universities and/or Andean research centres. Title index
Author index
Biblioteca Andina de Bolsillo
The Biblioteca andina de bolsillo was created in 2000, in an effort to achieve a wider distribution of particularly important texts. Actually it has 25 titles. Title index
Author index
Actes & Mémoires
Created in 2005, the collection Actes et Mémoires gathers seminar and congress papers. Title index
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Document de Travail
Publications on research carried out in 1988–1989, with a multidisciplinary focus. All documents are availables in PDF. Title index
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